Brody’s Journey With Epilepsy

Hey. My name is Brody and I am 6 years old. I started having febrile seizures when I was 2 years old. With my first seizure my temperature reached 105 and I quit breathing so my mom had to breath for me and provide CPR until I started breathing again on my own. I got to ride in the ambulance for the 1st time as they took me to the ER. It was determined that I had an ear infection which caused the fever and they let me go home that night. My next seizure was also a febrile seizure and it occurred in March of 2013. My temperature then was 104. My parents rushed me to the German ER were I was admitted and watched for the next 4 days. They also performed an EEG which came back normal. I was released to go home on my 4th day there. My 3rd seizure I was playing in the pool when I got a distant look on my face and my mom grabbed me up and laid me on the ground before the actual seizure started. I was not running a fever this time and was rushed to the German ER by ambulance. They let me go home that night. A week later I had my 4th seizure and was rushed to the German ER again. Once again I was not running a fever and had been fine all day. They performed an EKG that night which was fine and did an EEG the next morning which was also normal so they let me go home. A week later on the 8th of August we were moving to Italy and I had another seizure. That’s when the doctors decided I needed a MRI and another EEG done. I had to wait for the referral to go through first though. On the 23rd I finally had an appointment to see the Italian Pediatric Neurologist. While I was enjoying my Friday like any other day I was having these drop seizures which my mom thinks I started having after the seizure on the 8th of August but when she asked the doctor he told her that he thought it was typical 4 year old behavior. While we were heading to the grocery store I had a drop seizure and fell face first on the pavement and started having a full on seizure. My mom waited until it stopped and then scooped me up and we went to the health clinic where they examined me and then sent me to the Italian ER. On arrival I had an exam done and then they took me to have an EEG done. This time the EEG showed abnormal findings. The neurologist took my history and then diagnosed me with generalized epilepsy and myoclonic astatic epilepsy. I started my medicine therapy on Friday the 23rd and on Monday the 26th of August I had another EEG done and only had 1 seizure during the test whereas on Friday I had multiple seizures. I also had an MRI done on the 27th of August and it came back negative for any brain lesions. Today the 28th of August I had another EEG done and I had no seizures during it. I get to go home today! I will have to continue with the medicine therapy for at least the next 2 years and have blood work done and EEGs done to check on me. On September the 11th I had another full on seizure which lasted about 4 minutes(my longest one to date). Mom says it wasn’t like my other ones as I had never blown bubbles out of my mouth and I wasn’t violently shaking. The clinic called the ambulance and I was taken to the Italian ER where they took my blood for lab work and monitored me for a few hours. The lab work came back normal so they allowed me to go home. I went to my regular doctor the 13th and they upped my medicine. I had regular doctor visits from here on out. Then we finally moved back to the states. Mom was rushing around trying to find me a doctor to see so that she could make sure I did not run out of medicine. We finally got in to see someone at Children’s Hospital and I have been having regular doctor’s visits along with EEGs and lab work. And I hate each visit. The doctor seemed hopefully at my last appointment in December and if all goes well I will have another EEG and lab work in September and then they will slowly take me off my medicine to see if I have outgrown the Epilepsy. My mom seems to be a nervous wreck about this, but if I am being honest I am excited. I went to the doctor at the beginning of October and she decided that it was time to start weaning me off my medicine to see if I have outgrown my epilepsy. Come on December as I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. Well, we are almost there. I am down to half the medicine that I was taking and everything has been going pretty good. Just a few more weeks and I might be off my medicine completely. We are completely off the medicine and so far so good as of December 2, 2015.


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