Welcome to our blog. I’m Lakin, wife to Daniel, mama to a little boy named Brody, 2 fur babies named Tiger and Aubie, and our turtle named Turbo.

Here’s our story. Daniel and I met in the Army Reserves and at first we could not stand each other. I thought he was full of himself and he thought I was stuck up. Then a trip to Germany with our unit completely changed our minds about each other. Then we came back from Germany and I got orders to deploy. This proved to test our relationship to the fullest. We got engaged when I came home on leave and he went active duty and got stationed in Savannah, GA. Then I came home in March of 2007 and we were married in June 2007. We also got our 1st dog Aubie that year in May. Then of course the way life works it was his turn to deploy. And then it was his turn to come home on leave. This proved to be the time that God wanted us to become parents as I became pregnant with our wonderful little boy. Daniel came home in October of 2008 and our baby boy made his entry into the world a month early in November of 2008. Our life was forever changed for the better when he came along. The next year started the 1st of many moves for the Army. We made the 1st move to Fort Bragg for a year and a few months then onto Germany for 2 and a half years. Then came the move to Italy for about a year. Finally came the time for us to move on from the Army. Daniel got out and we moved back to Alabama and along came our 2nd fur baby, Tiger, and our turtle, Turbo.



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