Elf on the Shelf Day 3,4,5,&6

Goodness did I ever get behind with sharing these.

Day 3

Jolly decided that she wanted to try to tame Brody’s dinosaur. This thing is hateful and will bite you. Jolly is very brave.


Day 4

Today Jolly decided to hang out in Brody’s stocking because it reminded her of Santa who she misses dearly.


Day 5

Today Jolly decided she wanted to zip line from the dining room light into the kitchen to get a snack without anyone knowing.


Day 6

Today Jolly wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. I guess she did not think you needed to use your hands either. We have a little dare devil for an elf.



Elf on the Shelf Day 2

Today we awoke to Jolly sitting in our tree with an empty roll of toilet paper. She had rolled our tree. She must have been dreaming her whole life of rolling the Toomer Oaks in Auburn, so she rolled our tree to show us how it is done. Brody loved this.  


Day 1 of Elf on the Shelf

Well, the creepy  I mean Jolly the elf has made her return into the Kirkley household. She did not do anything too special on her first night of return as she was probably tired from the trip from the North Pole here and yes this is exactly what I told Brody this morning as soon as he asked why she was just hanging out in the tree. She did have a note with her addressed to Brody and it can be found here. Here is our first day with good ole creepy  I mean Jolly. One day I may refer to her as Jolly first and creepy second.