Thankful for Days 1-4

Day 1

Today I am thankful for my relationship with God because without Him nothing is possible. 1 John 4:19, “We love because he first loved us.” Without Him, I would not know what true love really is.

Day 2

Today I am truly thankful for the love I get to experience with my wonderful husband. He does so much for Brody and I and always puts us before him. I am so thankful for all that he does for us. I have never felt more loved, safe, and respected. I love the small gestures he does to show me that he loves me even after 8 years of being married.


Day 3

Today I am thankful for my little blue-eyed boy. Brody has truly been a blessing in our lives. He brings so much joy and light into our lives and always knows how to make us smile. God knew what He was doing when He allowed us to be his parents.


Day 4

Today I am thankful for my loving mother. She taught me how to be a mother and showed me how to be strong. She showed me that sometimes we must put others before ourselves and that no matter what we must have respect for others. I will always be truly thankful for her.



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