September 11th, 2013 A Setback for Brody

Well, on Wednesday the 11th Brody had a set back in his therapy. We were headed onto post where Daniel works and had just made it through the gate when Brody started having a seizure. It was unlike any we’ve seen before. I didn’t even realize it was a seizure at first. He had been asleep and all of a sudden he started blowing bubbles out of his mouth and then he started shaking but not violently shaking. I climbed into the back with him to help hold him stable while Daniel rushed us to the clinic. On this certain post though they only deal with soldiers so when we came running in we got the royal treatment with all the staff coming to our aide along with the MPs and fire fighters. This seizure lasted about 4 minutes(the longest one to date). The ambulance was called and we were taken to the ER where they kept us for a few hours to monitor him and do blood work(all which came back normal). We were released after about 3 hours. I know the doctor said that even on the medicine he could have seizures but I guess I was hoping praying that he wouldn’t have to go through them anymore. It’s so hard watching your child have one and not being able to do anything about it. Friday we had to follow up with his regular doctor on post who upped his medication dosage and wants us to follow up with some lab work on Friday before his morning dose. Continue to keep our little guy in your prayers.


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