Rome, Italy November, 2013

We decided to drive to Rome(about a five hour drive from our home) for the Thanksgiving 4 day, but wanted to be back home before the Auburn/Alabama game on Saturday. We got up on Thanksgiving day and decided to stop and get breakfast before leaving(I didn’t want to cook). Then we got on the road about 1030am and made great time on the road. We arrived into Rome and headed toward the hotel. And this is when our GPS decided to hate us. I put the address the hotel gave us in and we headed to it and needless to say the GPS wanted to take us 2 blocks down from the hotel; luckily I saw the sign and we turned back around. I booked this hotel mainly because it had free breakfast and was suppose to have parking. While checking in we were told it had a limited number of parking spaces available for guest(2 to be exact). So, they gave us directions to the nearest parking area(which we now had to pay for). Finally we unloaded the car and got into our room which was the family room and the hotel had set up a scanvenger hunt for Brody. He loved that. After getting settled in we decided to explore some of Rome while the sun was out and then to head to the Hard Rock for dinner.

Rome (33)

So we head toward the Metro which was about 3 blocks away from the hotel and for anyone wanting to know the Metro is extremely easy to use in Rome and cheap. We decided to go ahead and go see the Colosseo, the Vatican City and the Spanish Steps. We ended the day with a yummy dinner at Hard Rock.

Rome (50) Rome (55) Rome (43)

Rome (57) Rome (67) Rome (77) Rome (93) Rome (94)

The next morning we got up and enjoyed breakfast and then set out. We headed back to the Colosseo to explore the ruins that are close by. Then we went to the Vittoriano E Piazza Venezia and even went inside the Vittoriano museum. After that we headed to the Fontana Di Trevi and enjoyed some icecream from a local shop that was amazing. We called it a day after that and headed back to the hotel. After resting for a little bit we decided we wanted to have Hard Rock for dinner again so we hopped back on the metro and got dinner to go.

Rome (102) Rome (104) Rome (125) Rome (140) Rome (175) Rome (221) Rome (225)

All in all we had a wonderful time in Rome and for anyone that knows us knows that Daniel normally handles navigation and the map but for this trip not once did he have to navigate for us I did it all. I was super proud of myself.


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