Paris, France October 2013

The trip to Paris was hectic to say the least. We woke up early Saturday morning to head to the airport and when we got to Treviso airport the line was crazy long to go through security. I was afraid that we weren’t going to make it to our gate in time(we did). Once landing in Paris we got on the bus and made the 1 hour trip to the heart of Paris and then hopped in a taxi to where we were suppose to be staying. And this is where the trip made a turn for the worse.

 I made sure to email the owner of the apartment we were renting to make sure he was tracking our arrival. I had all the information he gave us upon renting the apartment. There were no bad reviews on the website for him(he must have deleted them somehow). Anyways, we arrived at the apartment to no keys and I immediately started to call the owner. He didn’t answer and I called over 40 times and sent text messages. While all this is happening Lynn(thought her bank cards would work in France) was trying to get some euros and the ATM ate her card. So what to do now. Michele and I then went to the nearest starbucks to get online and find a hotel while Lynn and Daniel and Brody went to get a prepaid phone for Lynn to use to call her bank(I had ran out of minutes from calling the stupid owner and Daniel had locked his phone and we didn’t have the code to unlock it with us). Finally found a hotel at about 4pm and we arrived around noon. We jumped in a taxi and headed to the hotel and of course with the day we were having the cab driver took us to the wrong hotel. Thankfully that hotel had a shuttle and offered to take us for free to our hotel. Once arriving to the hotel at about 6pm we decided just to have dinner there and Daniel and Lynn went to the bar. We all finally went to bed around 9pm.
After a good night’s sleep we went and enjoyed breakfast and then called for a taxi to take us into downtown Paris. We saw the St. Michael’s church, Louvre, Arc, Eiffel Tower and more. WE enjoyed lunch at a little café. The soup was amazing there(it was freezing that day).

The next day was our last full day there and we just decided to be lazy. I wasn’t feeling good, so we hung around the hotel. We went and had lunch and dinner at a nearby restaurant which turned out to be a hidden little gem. And then just watched movies the rest of the night.

 The last day we took a taxi to the Hard Rock Café to get our shot glass and then made our way slowly back to where we had to get on the bus to go back to the airport.


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