Budapest, Hungary June 2013

Well, as you all know we decided to take the train here and it was our first time using the trains. And let’s just say it is an experience we will never forget. I should have done more research before we got the tickets, but in my defense we did ask the ticket guy if the tracks were affected by the flooding from last month and he assured us there was no problems and I trusted him. My bad. The train ride from Bamberg to Linz, Austria wasn’t too bad. Once we arrived in Linz though everything went to crap for us. Our train to take us to Budapest was almost an hour late because it had to detour(thanks to the flood). We got on the train and made it to a town called  Győr, Hungary and was then told we had to get off the train and get onto a bus to be taken to another train station because the tracks were messed up. YAY, not! My husband hates buses and it was so hot. The buses reminded us of the buses they used to take us to the base in Kuwait back when we were deployed to Iraq. Anyways, so off we went to get on the bus. Granted by this point we were suppose to already be in Budapest. We finally made it to Budapest around 8pm and proceeded to get in a taxi to head to our hotel. We get over onto the Buda side of Budapest to find some of the streets are still closed because of the dang flood, so our cabbie drops us off and tells us the hotel is about 200 meters away and points us in the right direction. 200 meters later we still hadn’t made it to the hotel so we decided to ask a cop and he sends us the other way. After walking about a half a mile in that direction we decided to stop into another hotel and ask and they pointed us in the right direction. We finally made it to our hotel around 9pm. 

After the horrible first night we woke up to an extremely sunny hot day in Budapest. We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel with a wonderful view of the Parliament before we headed out to explore the Pest side of Budapest. Once we arrived on the Pest side we decided to do the hop on hop off bus tour because it was just too hot to walk everywhere. We got to see the Chain Bridge, the Opera house, the oldest Catholic church in Budapest, and Hero’s Square. We also went and explored the Central Market Hall. After all that we went and enjoyed dinner at the Hard Rock and got our shot glass. Then we headed back to the hotel to relax and get in the a/c.

The 2nd day seemed like it was going to be just as hot as the 1st. We started with breakfast and then set off to do the hop on hop off bus of the Buda side. We visited the Castle hill, the Citadel, and  the Matthias Church. We just kinda walked around and enjoyed the sights. We stopped and had some ice cream and walked through some open air markets. We then returned back to the hotel and enjoyed some goulash and got ready for our trip back home.

I wish I could say the trip back from Budapest was uneventful but it definitely will always give us something to talk about. I would recommend Budapest to everyone. It is truly a beautiful city and I wish we had more time to just explore it!


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