Brody’s 1st Day of Kindergarten August 2014

The drop-off was the hardest part of motherhood yet. I sensed his anxiousness and saw him try to hide it by being outgoing(something he isn’t around strangers). I hugged and reassured and prayed he wouldn’t see my tears. He told me to just go already that he would be fine. And he told me to have a great day and that he loved me. And cue the tears because a 5 year old was reassuring his mother that everything was going to be fine. This was the first time he was actually away from me since his diagnosis of epilepsy. And me being the worry wart I didn’t want to leave him.

Brody has two wonderful teachers who know just what to say and exactly how to comfort. Granted I waited until I was away from Brody to cry and then made the dreaded walk back to the car and listening to “It’s going to be ok mama, we are going to take great care of them”; which only made the tears come more.

I thought about Brody all day wondering exactly what he was doing(even though I made the schedule for the day). I wondered how he was doing with the quiet/nap time. Brody hasn’t laid down for an actual nap since he was one. I thought about did he enjoy his snack and lunch that I packed or did he remember to take his lunchbox to lunch with him.

I watched the clock most of the day as the time slowly past. I even left early to go sit in the car pickup line a good 30 minutes before time for them to be released.

Finally it was time to get my baby big boy back. He came to the car and was all smiles. He loved it.


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